5 colour production print innovation with Ricoh

5 colour production print innovation with Ricoh
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The latest line in production print innovation with Ricoh brings you the very best in high-end printing.

With the fifth dimension Ricoh, the possibilities are endless. See the latest, innovative and affordable five colour digital production print system.

No longer restricted to the standard black, cyan, yellow and also magenta. With the new fifth colour station you can now use either white, clear or neon yellow toner, which will bring more life and vitality to your prints. Clear toner brings a host of benefits by applying unique and distinctive patterns as a cost-effective security feature and much more to ensure authenticity. The clear toner can also be used to embed seals and dates on high-value prints.

The Ricoh Pro C7100 has the ability to process a vast array of synthetic and speciality medias.  This in-house printing brings you the ability to produce anything from decals and window displays to high-end loyalty cards on coated, textured card and also transparent film.

Introducing Ricoh Pro C7100 production print

A new way of production printing

Instead of outsourcing your brochures, programme guides and posters, you can now create your own with a range of heavy weight and textured substrates (supports from 52 to 360gsm media).

The device includes:

  • Auto paper identification. The new media identification unit is a clever gadget that allows you to automatically identify the stock and grading of papers. Consequently no more guesswork!
  • A cooling system. Running at up to 80 pages per minute and with the new liquid cooling system enables continuous printing.

Six unique features on the C7100sx

  1. M/C is liquid cooled
  2. Registration unit – registration to 0.5mm on SRA3
  3. Belt smoother – clears lines from the fuser
  4. 350gsm
  5. Textured media
  6. Media identification unit

Options, options, options!

New options bring new opportunities with secured trays, fully integrated ring binder and also multi folding units. Add finishing units with the Plockmatic booklet maker (PBM 350/500). The vacuum paper feed, banner sheet tray, multi bypass tray and the LCT and active tray indicator ensures full productivity.

Tried and tested in-house

Capital is proud to say that we have our own Ricoh Pro C7100 set up and in use in-house, with a fitted creaser. It has made a world of difference to the efficiency and effectiveness of creating and also producing our own professional documentation.

Ricoh Pro C7100

Capital’s Ricoh Pro C7100 production printer

Explore the possibilities – and, as Ricoh says, “challenge your business to work smarter”.

So, if you would like a demonstration, or to see some of the samples from the Ricoh Pro C7100, get in touch now.

Some images and video by permission of Ricoh.


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