5 information management questions

5 information management questions
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Information Management is vital to all organisations

It’s present every second of the day; on mobiles, laptops, in applications and also online.

Occasionally our information is managed well. However, the issue of how to manage information is becoming more of a challenge every year.

Examining your content and document processes and how you organise the flow of information can offer excellent business opportunities.

Organisations can cut processing costs, mitigate risks, improve staff and customer engagement and also gain new insights into business processes.

Information chaos can be turned into business opportunities

Information management

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Ask yourself these 5 Information Management questions:

  • What are your processing costs per document? Also – how does that compare digitally versus by paper?
  • Do any of your everyday tasks feel more burdensome than productive?
  • How many copies of the same document are made?
  • What information is being transferred between departments? How much is electronic, how much by paper?
  • Are there unnecessary tasks or workflow processes that could be automated?

Improve the efficiency of your organisation with Capital's Information management




How Capital Document Solutions can help

Capital has the skills and experience to help you with your Information Management strategy.

We can provide Electronic Content Management & Enterprise Content Management software and also training.

In addition, here are some of the many solutions we can offer for your printing, copying and document management needs:

  • Print Audit – we offer a free print audit, no strings attached.
  • Print Consultancy – one of our expert print consultants can visit your organisation and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Document Output Control – by utilising Print Management Software, you can enforce rules for printing.
  • Document Lifecycle Analysis – our specialists are experts in all areas of document workflow and also document technology solutions and can conduct a detailed audit.
  • Mobile Printing Solutions – there are a range of software solutions for mobile printing that all work in different ways.
  • Managed Print Service – without Managed Print Services you could be spending up to 3% of your revenues on copying and printing.

Finally, would you like to speak to someone about any Information Management questions you might have? Or if you wish to learn more please contact us using the email, link, or free phone number below. Or use the short enquiry form at the side of this page.


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