A focus on our fantastic photocopiers

A focus on our fantastic photocopiers
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Founded in 1979 by owner Tom Flockhart, we were initially named Capital Copiers. We knew just what the market needed, with our main focus being on the supply of photocopiers in Scotland.

Capital Copiers

Our photocopiers today

Nearly 40 years later, the demand for photocopiers remains strong. Created in 1938 by Chester Carlson as a way of copying important papers that didn’t antagonise his arthritis, photocopiers make paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply. Able to print in colour and black and white, in a variety of sizes to a variety of papers, it is rare for an office today to do without one.

7 things your photocopier can do*

1.  Save paper
Many photocopiers now have scanners embedded on the device. This means you can easily send documents from the photocopier to your own email or to a clients. Some copiers also have Optical Character Recognition function enabled. So when you scan your document, the scanner reads the letters and words and can save the document as a ‘searchable PDF’. Many photocopiers also allow duplex printing, which is the printing two pages onto one sheet, by printing on both sides.

2. Follow me print
Follow me printing allows usesr to print from any enabled device. Many photocopiers have USB or SD card ports which means that if you have a document ready to print on a stick or card, you can walk straight up to the device and print it. You can also print from your mobile.

3. Help you stay safe and secure
Restrict usage and access to documents and workflows on the copier panel itself with picture logins, PINs, or proximity cards. Follow me printing also enhances security by allowing documents to be released at the device.

4. Go big or go home
The ability to enlarge or reduce your documents so they are the ideal size is a common function of your office photocopier.

5. When one copy ends, another begins
Photocopiers often have a ‘collate’ option, which can shift each bundle of documents, so you can easily see where one copy ends and the next one begins.

6. Pinch and punch
Users can also produce stapled and hole punched documents at the click of the button.

7. Turn up for the book
By adding a saddle stitch finisher to your photocopier, you can print documents that are folded in the centre with two staples along the fold.

A sense of security

With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulations in May 2018, companies are going to be even more accountable for how they obtain, store and use personal client data.

Even your inconspicuous office photocopier could be a risk. Nearly every digital photocopier manufactured since 2002 contains a hard drive. Like the one in your computer, it stores an image of every document that is scanned, copied, or emailed by the device. The photocopier hard drive is required in-order to store and process the large amounts of data that is taken in**.

If action is not taken, information could be lifted from your hard drive, either by accessing your company’s Wi-Fi or business network, or by hacking the hard drive once it is removed from the photocopier.


Unprotected and uncollected documents could also be lifted off a device, or external bodies could make copies of your documents on their own copiers, which are at risk if they are not following appropriate procedure.

Our printers, photocopiers and scanners are secure by design, with powerful layers of protection for devices, data and documents to help organisations defend their networks. For more information, have a look at one of our partner HP‘s steps to security.

To see the real impacts of what happens when they security measured are not made, have a look at The Wolf in action, in HP’s series of chilling videos.

The rise of the MFD

Demand in the 1980s brought about more and more document solutions. Today, Capital primarily supplies multifunctional devices (MFDs). These devices combine the capabilities of photocopiers, printers, scanners and also faxes in one convenient unit and act as the hub for all of your document processing needs.

Advantages of MFDs

  • Compact design
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Consolidated supplies and maintenance
  • Reduce the need for numerous devices throughout the office

Our range of MFDs and photocopiers include CanonRicohKonica Minolta and HP.

Finally, for more information on Capital and our copiers, get in touch now.

*Text condensed from 9 Essential Photocopier Productivity Hacks.
**Information from Photocopier Hard Drive Security – Are You at Risk?


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