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Next time your toner cartridges need to be replaced, consider the source of the product. Is the toner supplied as part of the service contract between you and your office equipment supplier? Do you purchase directly from the manufacturer? Or do you browse for the best deal on re-furbished cartridges?

There are several factors that you may want consider before making a purchase for toner such as cost, quality and environment.

 Pros & Cons of Original Toner Cartridges 


–     Higher quality prints–       Higher initial expense
–     Produce a higher-yield 
–     More economical in the long-run 
–     Maintain service warranty of your device 
–       Having the confidence of knowing the source of the product 


Pros & Cons of Remanufactured Toner Cartridges 


–       Cheap initial cost–       Less reliable
–       Recycling–       Poor quality
 –       Less prints per cartridge
 –       Other machine parts can be contaminated with coarse or lumpy toner (machine warranty becomes may be invalidated)
 –       Defective prints
 –       Higher failure rate (i.e. dead-on-arrival, leaks, streaks)
 –       Source of the product may be from varied supplier/producers but marketed under a single brand name


Additional ways to save on your printing costs is to purchase high-yield toner cartridges, twin packs and rainbow kits which offer a reduced cost per page and increase productivity.

Your machine will have a Low on Ink (LOI) alert which will notify when your ink supply is running low, and it will prompt you to order more toner before you run out. There is also software available that will trigger your toner supplier to send more toner before your toner cartridge depletes. An example of this is:

 @Remote, which is available on Ricoh machines.

Web Jetadmin, which is available on HP machines.

For more information regarding the benefits of original toner cartridges, download HP’s The Truth about Ink.

At Capital, we believe that only genuine, original consumables are the right choice for your document devices.   Our consumables are competitively priced as we only buy direct from the manufacturers.

We stock the following brands of original consumables: Ricoh, HP, Konica Minolta, Oce, Riso, Priport, Brother, Panasonic, Canon and Avery.

Our stock includes toner, cartridges, paper (A4, A3, A0, and A1, up to 300gsm), inks, masters, drums, fax cartridges and labels.


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