Announcing the new Ricoh Intelligent Support

Announcing the new Ricoh Intelligent Support
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What is the new Ricoh Intelligent Support?

Capital is Ricoh’s largest dealer in Scotland, and also a Ricoh Gold Customer Service Certified Partner.

We were pleased to launch the new award-winning Ricoh IM C range.

The range offers an intelligent foundation for productivity across the workplace.

Faster transitions to new models

With Ricoh’s MFPs you can easily import your current settings to your new model allowing a smooth transition.

Say goodbye to slow transitions with a long period of downtime.

And don’t worry – your data is encrypted to ensure full security during the transfer.

Ricoh Intelligent Support is a way to make it easy to maximise your uptime with easy, fast support.

Enjoy device maintenance that is constantly evolving.

Watch this Ricoh video about Ricoh Intelligent Support…

Capital uses the latest Ricoh technology including cloud computing, big data and AI to provide you with maintenance services like no other.

Easy online help

If you get stuck while using your MFP simply press the question mark on the panel.

Your MFP will identify the function you’re looking for and show you relevant help right away.

You can also view the help information on your smart device by scanning the QR code.

Remote support

When you encounter a problem, Capital’s helpdesk operators provide remote support.

We look at your screen and operate your MFP remotely to fix the problem.

Cutting-edge maintenance using big data

Capital’s helpdesk engineers can keep track of information such as part details and how you are using the device.

If a problem occurs our highly experienced experts use the big data we have collected to fix the issue quickly.

Remote management of your devices online

Capital provides a remote management service where we track the status and usage of your MFP via the internet.

Remote diagnostics are used to carry out inspections when they are needed preventing problems from occurring.

Making sure you always have the latest firmware

With a Ricoh MFP you no longer have to wait for a Capital engineer to come and update your MFP.

Our automatic update function keeps your MFP updated with the latest security functions so that using your MFP is easy and worry free.

Keeping your business running smoothly 

Capital combines a wealth of experience with the technology of the future to keep your business running smoothly with services that are one step ahead.

So, have you watched the Ricoh Intelligent Support video? You may also wish to download your free copy of our Ricoh brochure via the above sidebar.

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