Are you ready for GDPR?

Are you ready for GDPR?
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62% of companies are not ready for GDPR*, are you one of them?

On the 31st of March 2017 the Information Commissioner’s Office will close their consultation on guidance regarding the GDPR.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. It’s the new EU-wide data protection legislation that will replace the 1998 Data Protection Act. It ushers in a new regime for the protection of personal information.

Does Brexit mean we can ignore GDPR?

No. GDPR comes into force on 25th of May 2018 regardless. It introduces much tougher rules regarding personal data handling. All organisations should review how they collect, hold and process personal data. Organisations need to adopt new measures and principles into their processes to demonstrate compliance. The new rules will also be backed up with enhanced enforcement powers.

What are GDPR sanctions?

The maximum fines for serious contraventions are €20M (or 4% of worldwide turnover for businesses). Lesser contraventions also carry hefty fines.

Preparing for change

Before May 2018 many organisations will need to invest heavily in systems to ensure they will be compliant. Organisations that wait until the ICO publishes their final guidance and codes of practice may be too late.

Kevin Lorimer - IT Director talks about the GDPR

Kevin Lorimer, Capital’s IT Director, said:

You would be unwise to ignore the impact GDPR will have on your organisation no matter the size. The fines are substantial enough to be company killers but for forward looking organisations it’s an opportunity to review and optimise the way they operate and ensure they protect what is their biggest asset, their data.”

How can Capital Document Solutions help?

We are experts in data, document and device security. We can review your information processes and improve your data security and efficiency. Here are a few examples:

Capital can advise on the capturing of data. Data from paper and electronic documents can be easily and securely captured through your devices and software.

“Over 70% of organisations have suffered at least one data breach as a result of unsecured printing**.” 

You can save time searching and retrieving your documents by controlling the initial filing and indexing. Import and organise your documents with secure web access without physically installing any software.

Mobility. Search, retrieve, create and upload electronic documents from the field via a web browser. This also allows users to securely participate in all business processes.

Access to Critical Information. A growing number of national and international laws require long term, secure storage of documents. Administering paper documents separately from computer files and emails is not secure, wastes space and increases warehousing costs. We can help you to archive your documents securely while maintaining version history.

Audit Trail. Controls can be put in place to keep track of when and why documents have been exported or printed.

Protect Your Information. Make use of document encryption to protect sensitive information as well as sign and apply digital signatures to validate documents.

Monitor and Report. Reporting tools are available within Print Management Software to allow monitoring of who is producing the output and also where it is being produced.

Call us on 0800 844 744 or book a visit to find out more.

iStock and other images used by permission of Ricoh Europe PLC  *DLA Piper’s Global Data Privacy Snapshot 2017 report  **Quocirca Ltd 2015


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