Benefits of an ECM Solution

Benefits of an ECM Solution
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By implementing an ECM solution system it becomes much easier to back-up your data in multiple arenas. Hard drives are significantly smaller and can be stored on-site as well as off-site.

For organisations that hold customer data, an ECM solution will improve the service provided to your customers. When a client calls regarding their account you are able to instantly search and retrieve their file and find the document they are referring to.

Conversely, without an ECM solution, one would have to take the customer details, put the caller on hold, go to the filing cabinet, find the file and hope that the document had been filed correctly.

Laserfiche Workflow allows you to move documents around the system for easy authorisation of documents with time limits and email notification. Workflow also helps automate the storage of documents within Laserfiche and create workflows with an intuitive, graphical design with over 60 built in activities.

An ECM solution takes the guess work out of filing, no more lost or misfiled documents and your customers receive improved customer service.

The Laserfiche software suite can scale from small businesses up to large corporations with a modular approach that allows you to spread the cost while growing the system to meet your needs. Laserfiche offers a complete suite of flexible tools to store, retrieve, manage, protect and distribute information. The Laserfiche suite of products will help you:

  • Remove the need to store paper documents
  • Reduce document retrieval time by up to 90%
  • Improve document filing time by up to 20%
  • Eliminate misfiled and missing documents
  • Ensure transparency of all document/paper trails

“Businesses using Laserfiche Electronic Content Management improved their speed of file retrieval by an average of 60%”


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