Big sleep out with Bethany Christian Trust

Big sleep out with Bethany Christian Trust
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The Big Sleep Out


The board members of Capital Document Solutions have recently signed up for the big sleep out to support the Bethany Christian Trust.

Bethany Christian Trust has held this annual event now for 15 years where they have raised over £300,000 for those people who are most in need throughout Scotland.

The monies raised helped to provide bed spaces in their emergency winter care shelter over the years.  They are currently seeing an average of 50 people using their shelter every night in Edinburgh and they need our help to continue this valuable service.

Bethany Christian Trust Big Sleep

On Friday 18th March the Capital Solutions team will give up their beds and sleep in cardboard boxes outside the Edinburgh City Chambers.  It will be an incredible night with live entertainment and fun before settling down to sleep.

Tom Flockhart, founder and managing director at Capital, said: “I’m sure the experience will be a challenging one but it’s a fantastic opportunity to come together outside of work and show our support.”

“We’re delighted to be able to support Bethany Christian Trust in this way and the money raised by the team will go some way towards supporting the charity continue its fine work.”


The Big Sleep Out is also being held throughout Scotland including Dunfermline, Glasgow, St Andrews and Stirling – more information can be found at Bethany Christian Trust.

The Bethany Christian Trust focuses on relieving the immediate suffering and meeting the long term needs of the homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland.

If you would like to support this endeavour please share this news or make a donation by visiting the team’s giving page,with all proceeds going to charity. 


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