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  • Unique user IDs keep your confidential documents secure as they will only be released for print when the user identifies themselves.
    User Authentication
  • Stop waste today by setting rules around your copying and printing.
    Control your Documents
  • Collect your documents from any networked device in the building at a time that suits you.
    "Follow Me" Printing
  • Controlling your copying and printing could save you £000's every year - money that can go straight to your bottom line.
    Save Money


More than 10,000 clients rely on Equitrac for their award-winning print management solution.


Equitrac gives you:


Complete Control

  • Access to all device functionality is controlled through Equitrac.
  • Users are only able to copy, print or scan once they have been authenticated.
  • Use of all the device functions are reported on by department, use and job.
  • The software can also give an accurate cost for your copy and print output.
  • Statistics show that the combined effect of enforcing rules and deploying “Follow Me” or  “Pull” printing is about 15% to 20%. 

User Authentication

  • This is done via the MFD’s card reader or username and password.
  • The intuitive interface utilises the MFD’s touch screen and is the same on every device, regardless of model, providing a consistent experience to end users.

Rules & Routing

  • These can be applied so that print jobs are sent to the most suitable and most economic device.
    • For example, a rule can be configured to route documents of more than 5 pages from a desktop printer to an MFD.
  • A commonly used rule forces emails to be printed in mono and duplex, regardless of the user selected options.
  • Other rules can be created to suit your specific needs.

“Follow Me” or “Pull” 

  • Users print to a virtual printer and then authenticate at any MFD or printer of their choice to release their documents.
  • This feature overcomes any confidentiality concerns and eliminates waste – as there should be no documents lying unclaimed at the printer or MFD.

Cost Preview

  • Once authenticated, users will see a list of all submitted print jobs.
  • These can be released in any order and users will see the total cost of and breakdown of jobs to be released.
  • At this point, the user can choose to print the job in mono rather than colour, even though the print job has already been sent.



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