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  • Gain instant access to your digital information - speeding up collaboration and communication speeds.
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  • Use your MFD or scanner to digitally scan your paper documents.
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  • Globalscan will then convert to digital information in your required format - TIFF, JPEG, PDF.
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  • Did you know that there is a zero charge for scanning documents? It's also a much more cost effective way of managing your documents.
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GlobalScan NX is Ricoh’s software solution for integrating hardcopy documents seamlessly into digital workflows.

  • End users are able to customise the digital format of the document or use a pre-set format.
  • Once a document has been scanned into GlobalScan NX
    • it can be shared instantly, using a one-step ‘select-and-go’ scanning process
    • digitising and sending documents to virtually any network location such as folders, email and fax destinations.
  • Information safeguarding
    • first of all, at the initial scanning;
    • passwords can then be added to open, copy, edit or print a wide variety of PDF types.
  • Furthermore, the files can be quickly tracked, archived and searched for anywhere on the network.

Environmental and Total Cost of Ownership Benefits


In addition, GlobalScan NX allows for fast storage and retrieval of documents, taking the hassle out of document management, minimising the ‘paper trail’ and reducing energy consumption and paper wastage, promoting cost and environmental efficiencies.

The software also has advanced security options, which can be implemented for organisations needing to safeguard sensitive documents.


GlobalScan’s Key Points:


  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Accurate scanning directly into your document environment
  • Scan to editable file formats
  • Easy to customise and configure with ready-to-use tools
  • Add security to PDFs as you scan at the MFP
  • Versatile and also flexible
    • GlobalScan NX can accommodate all business environments, from smaller companies to major organisations



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