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  • Manage your entire fleet directly from your PC - saving you time and money.
    Centrally Manage your Fleet
  • Enforce print policies - ie duplex as standard and force colour documents to the most economical device.
    Set Rules & Routing
  • Documents will be printed in the right format first time resulting in less paper lying unclaimed at the printer or in the bin.
    Minimise Waste
  • Your costs will be reduced as you will be able to set limits on colour production and also use less paper and toner.
    Significantly Reduce Costs


Pcounter: Economy, Workflow & Security

“Pcounter is a flexible and highly scalable network server-based document management and accounting solution that provides a wide range of cost control, cost recovery and security capabilities.”

Many organisations do not use a print management tool, therefore they are unaware of the costs each person accrues by printing and photocopying.

A Capital Document Solutions consultant may recommend using Pcounter to gain a better idea of who prints what, where and when and to show how much that is costing your organisation.

We will install the software on the print/copy/scan devices and train administrators on the easy to use product.

Following a period of time, and if trends develop, Capital Document Solutions can recommend a tailored solution to manage these costs.

Pcounter also compliments other print management software.

Complimentary solutions enable printers, photocopiers, MFDs, plotters and high volume print room devices to be fully monitored and managed. 

Key Benefits include:


  • Centralised control of print & copy resources
  • Set and enforce print policies, rules & routing
  • Eliminate waste resulting in dramatic cost savings
  • Cost recovery for charging environments
  • Vendor independent, low cost – future proof investment
  • Environmental compliance




In conclusion, Pcounter is ideal for identifying black holes of cost within any printing environment. You can rationalise your print resources and also enforce best practice based on sensible rules.

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