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  • Unique user IDs let you know who is printing what and will give you a breakdown of costs per user, department or cost centre.
    User Authentication
  • Restricting colour access on certain devices and setting duplex as standard will also save you money.
    Rules & Routing
  • As documents are only released when the user identifies themselves at the device - all documents will remain confidential.
    Document Security
  • With documents automatically deleted if not not released within a given timescale - you'll typically save up to 20% on your print costs.
    Save Money


SafeCom software and solutions offer organisations a better way to manage and control their printing needs.

“Only 2 percent of all companies know their actual print costs. Even fewer are aware that up to 20 percent of all printed paper ends up in the waste paper basket. Also printers can be hacked as easily as an unprotected PC with equal risk for leaking confidential information.”

SafeCom print management software ends paper waste, rising print costs, user queues and printer confusion and lack of security.

Documents follow users to the chosen printers and can only be printed when users identify themselves at the device – this can be with either a PIN or a swipe card.

This smart printing solution also is often referred to as “Follow Me” or “Pull” printing.

Therefore, a SafeCom solution can cut printing costs by 20% or more. In addition, this solution is environment-friendly because it reduces paper and toner waste.

Benefits of a SafeCom solution include:

  • Reduced print costs and waste
  • Increased employee efficiency and satisfaction
  • Improvements in protection and handling of documents
  • A reduction in environmental impact

Following a tender process, Capital Document Solutions partnered with Edinburgh College to design, implement and support a SafeCom Enterprise solution. “Not only has SafeCom achieved its objectives, it has proven to be excellent. I can’t fault it. It is very robust, reliable and intuitive.


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