Secrets of the quality refurbishment and expansion investment

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Capital Document Solutions, Scotland’s leading independent office solutions business is evolving. We thought we would lift the lid on the secrets of the latest quality refurbishment and expansion investment.

The refurbishment and expansion will create additional space for growing staff numbers with expanded and also improved facilities. It also follows on from a previous recent upgrade and expansion of our Edinburgh head office facilities.

The company, which employs more than 200 people, also has offices in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Shetland.

Overhaul of facilities

Capital’s aim is a more modern, comfortable and environmentally efficient working environment for staff and visitors. Already there have been substantial refurbishment upgrades to our Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness buildings and showrooms as detailed in an example here.

Interior improvements

The refresh includes new energy efficient, high-quality LED lighting being fitted throughout the buildings. New Forbo carpeting is being laid in corridors, workshop and stores areas along with extensive fresh wallpapering and painting. The showroom layout is also being reconfigured. New LCD screens are planned for reception and a new meeting room area. All work is being carried out by local contractors.

Exterior improvements

New attractive merlin-grey Kingspan Micro-Rib cladding is being considered to bring a modern look to the exterior.

Increased recycling and re-use of machines and components

In addition, the working environment will be vastly improved for machines earmarked for refurbishment or recycling for spare parts.

Significant investment

Capital is physically demonstrating its commitment to the Scottish marketplace. It is increasing the size of its headquarters to cope with the huge demand for its services.

These changes, just in Edinburgh, represent an investment of over £150,000 on external work, and over £100,000 internally.

Expansion details

Edinburgh will see an expansion of nearly 2,000 sq ft to its operations. The total size of all the McDonald Road buildings is now 43,163 sq ft (4,010 m2)

This will also allow a nearly 200% increase in the size of our recycling facilities in line with the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste strategy. It will also allow a more efficient use of existing space.

Tom Flockhart, Managing Director of Capital Document Solutions, said: “We’ve grown significantly in recent years. As a result there’s an increased demand on our head office staff and facilities. This latest, huge investment allows us to continue to meet the expanding demands of our clients.

“Our new, enhanced Edinburgh facilities will greatly improve our capability to roll-out solutions for clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

Edinburgh expansion: New BoardRoom

We are Scotland’s largest independent supplier of office equipment and also document solutions. Capital provides printers, copiers, scanners and also software with national maintenance and training support.

In addition, Capital has recently expanded its range with a partnership with Canon. This collaboration further demonstrates a shared commitment to, and investment in, the Scottish market from both organisations. It also provides an increasing product choice for businesses across the country.



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