Customers rate Capital as “Excellent”

Customers rate Capital as “Excellent”
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Capital Document Solutions has always listened carefully to the views of all customers and solve any problems they might have.

As Founder & Managing Director, Tom Flockhart states – “with a reputation for exceptional local service and support, you can be confident that no other supplier will work harder for your business.”

For ten years now Capital Document Solutions has been conducting a quarterly customer satisfaction survey to gather feedback and views from our clients.

This regular, comprehensive survey helps us pinpoint customer concerns and monitor trends. The process involves inviting a random selection of customers to take part in our website survey by email every quarter.

The results are fed back directly into our Business Management Process with necessary corrective action taken where required. They provide a reliable guide to what is important to customers and how we measure up to their expectations.

Overall, to date, over 7,000 customer questionnaire invites have been sent out to all areas of Scotland and customers asked for their views on customer satisfaction.

Customers are asked to rate various services we offer as “Excellent”, “Average” or “Poor” and are prompted to detail any problems they might have had with any aspect of our service. If there was a problem, customers are asked if it was resolved to their satisfaction. Suggestions on how we can improve our service are also sought.

The latest results for 2014 across all services: “Sales Information & Sales Support”, “Delivery & Installation Support”, “After-Sales Engineer Services/Helpline” and “Meter Reading & Invoice Billing” – overall 82% of customers rated Capital as ‘Excellent’.

However, Delivery & installation service is rated as ‘Excellent’ by 86% of customers this year.

Sales Director Andrew Aikman commented “This is yet another clear demonstration of our passion for excellence.”

For example, last year in response to the question “Do you have any suggestions how we can improve any aspect of our customer service?” one delighted customer wrote:

“No, whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right.  We, as a company never have any problems and if there are ever any problems the engineer is always out very quickly” – McKay Roofing Ltd.

The ongoing results are excellent and show that Capital Solutions listens and responds to its customers. We do not plan to rest on our laurels, however, and will continue to strive to provide the highest levels of customer service in our industry.


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