Data Security – Is Your Information Safe?

Data Security – Is Your Information Safe?
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Did you know that your Customer Data is Your Responsibility?


Every document you send to the office photocopier, scanner and/or printer is stored on the device’s hard drive.

Hard drives are storage devices located in electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and iPads. They allow you to hold documents all in one place and recall them when needed.

Since hard drives are storage devices they store every single document that is scanned, copied and printed. This means that your organisation’s financials, business plan and employee information are most likely stored on your photocopier, along with sensitive customer information.

While the copier/scanner/printer is on your premises it is quite secure; it is held in a locked building, with possible password protection and it is only accessible to employees. However, what happens once the device has left the premises? The hard drive is still intact, creating the opportunity for information to be compromised.

Are all your systems protected?


New data security threats arise continuously, mistakes are often made and information is leaked.

Are you confident all your customer data is secure?

Once the data storage device (Hard Drive) has left your premises, it is impossible to guarantee where it may end up!

Can you afford this risk?


Capital Document Solutions can now offer you two new data security support services. The first can offer some peace of mind and the second can give you guaranteed confidentiality and data protection.

To discuss your requirements please call us on 0800 844 744 and ask for the Logistics Department.

The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data security and privacy for individuals.

They have a page devoted to “Deleting your data from computers, laptops and other devices”


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