Document Solutions Seminar

Document Solutions Seminar
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On 11th September 2013 Highland Office Equipment held a Document Solutions Seminar at Castle Stuart Golf Links, where we covered the following topics: secure and control document output and costs, “follow me” or “ pull printing”, mobile printing and how to reduce IT overheads and environmental impact.  It also gave customers and prospects the opportunity to meet the team from Highland Office.

Castle Stuart Golf Links

“Secure and control document output and costs”

The movement of digital and hardcopy documents is part of your organisation’s daily operations. Every document that flows through your MFP is stored as an image on the devices hard drive. This can pose as a serious security issue if appropriate measures are not taken to protect this information. Breaches in data security are serious and result in significant fines and penalties from the Information Commissioners Office. The seminar included strategies to keep your information safe.

“Follow me or pull printing”

This is a printing feature where a user’s print job is held on a server and released by the user at any printing device which supports this feature. It is also referred to as “follow me” printing. The user needs to first authenticate themselves at the printer, either using embedded software or an external device. Once they have been authenticated, the user may select from the list of print jobs on the server which ones they wish to release at the current device.

“Mobile printing”

How often have you wanted to print a document right from your mobile device? While reading emails on the commute to work or on vacation, how easy would it be to just press print and walk into the office and have it waiting for you. No need to turn on the computer, open the email application, scroll to re-find the email, and then press print. At HOE we know your time is very valuable, and we’ve partnered with Ricoh and Konica Minolta to offer the best document solutions for our customers. Mobile Printing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s busy lifestyle and it is becoming a need for organisations to operate more efficiently.

Alex Main, Sales Director of Highland Office said the event was very well attended with a cross section of public sector organisations and also large commercial companies.

“The day went very well with a lot of interest shown in the print management software, security and also the environmental savings that come with the new ranges of both Ricoh and Konica Minolta devices”

“The presentation was followed up by a questions and answer session that tested the teams’ knowledge!!!”

If you missed the opportunity of joining us on the day our consultants can still advise you on all of the above topics.

Last year the event was so successful a similar seminar is planned for this October: Laserfiche Lunch & Learn 8th of October 2014


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