Five Large Format Printing Myths

Five Large Format Printing Myths
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Capital Document Solutions and Oce reveal Five Large Format Printing Myths



Myth 1 – Colour plotting is slow and expensive to run.

Well, yes. large format printing once used to cost about £1 per print, and take at least 5 minutes for a single A1 drawing.

Chances are, if you have an old inkjet printer this will be your current situation.

With new Océ technologies, you can print up to 210 A1 drawings every hour!

The cost per print?  Approximately 15p per A1 in colour (INCLUDING PAPER)

What’s stopping you from finding out more, today.

Oce Fast and Inexpensive

Myth 2 – Good large format printing systems cost the earth to buy.

In the old days, yes!  You could shell out a small fortune for a good system.

With new Oce technologies, and very competitive financing, you can lease a brand new A0 colour capable printing system from as little as £55 + Vat per month.


Myth 3 – Large format systems are huge and take up lots of office space

Again, in times gone by, this could have been the case.

With today’s equipment, Capital have leading edge A1/A0 full colour print/copy/scan systems available with stacking for 100 prints within a single compact footprint.

No more drawings all over the office.


Myth 4 – Don’t these things burn loads of energy and create heat and ozone?   

Océ systems never did this. These were always the most environmentally friendly systems in class, however, we do realise that some other manufacturers systems had this reputation.

Today’s Océ systems are the most environmentally friendly systems available bar none. With lowest power consumption and ozone emissions in class, there is no greener system available today.

Oce is Green

Myth 5 – These systems can be an IT nightmare

It couldn’t be easier for IT integration today.

Océ are Autodesk developers, and Adobe partners. Seamless IT integration is a very simple operation with trained Océ technicians on hand to assist.


What to do now?

Contact us on 0800 844 744 and we can arrange a visit with technical specialists from Océ

We carry out a non-intrusive investigation and audit to identify any gaps in your current processes compared to up to date “benchmark” processes.

If we find any areas you where you may be able to reduce costs, improve processes, enhance quality or reduce time spent by users, then we will identify these in a no cost, simple confidential report.

What you do with this report is entirely up to you!



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