Floods and Disaster Recovery

Floods and Disaster Recovery
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The tragic consequences of flooding – loss of life and property – are often in the news these days:

“Flooding has caused extensive damage in parts of England and Wales, especially on the Somerset levels and in the Thames Valley” wrote Glenn Campbell of the BBC on 23.2.14


Aren’t disasters like these rare and unlikely?

When you think of a “disaster” – floods, fire or earthquakes come to mind. However, organisations need to plan for all possible interruptions.

ESG consultancy group found 63% of businesses could withstand only four hours or less of downtime before experiencing adverse effects.

An IDG Research study showed 92% of respondents have encountered at least one disruption to their business systems*


How can businesses prepare for and recover from such events?

A Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan is a must for any organisation.

It’s critical that every business has a plan to protect its information and to resume operations as soon as possible after a disastrous event.

In today’s challenging business environment, it’s important for staff to be able to access and share key business documents as easily and effectively as if they were sitting next to each other, no matter where they’re located.

Our solution to finding documents in a timely manner is Laserfiche.  This enterprise content management system gives staff the ability to easily and securely store, manage and retrieve information throughout the entire document lifecycle.  When information is easy to find and accessible to all who need it, productivity increases, stress levels and errors decline and so does wasted time looking for and re-filing documents.


Key Disaster Recovery Factors to Consider

David Ng of Laserfiche, in an article entitled Business Continuity Planning: Questions organisations don’t ask but should,  outlines five key questions:

  • What risks are most likely to affect your organisation, given your geographical area?
  • Are there at least two staff members who know how to carry out each key job?
  • Is your organisation able to operate effectively when key locations are closed?
  • Is physical information backed up?
  • Does your business continuity plan work?

Read more about Electronic Document Management and Laserfiche and get your copy of our new Laserfiche brochure.

If you would like to discuss how Capital can streamline your business continuity planning feel free to contact us.


Image Source – BBC News / bbc.co.uk – © [2014] BBC
*Statistics quoted from the Laserfiche Ultimate Guide to Business Continuity Planning


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