How to save money? – It’s as easy as 123

How to save money? – It’s as easy as 123
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Have you ever wondered how to save money on your everyday office costs?

How to save money? That question never gets old!

Our combination of industry expertise and also technical knowledge means we can provide a print audit that delivers cost and efficiency improvements.

Simplify your office systems and start saving money

How to save money

  1. Call us on 0800 844 744 for your free print cost review or just fill in this short form.
  2. Without causing downtime, we will survey your current set-up by taking readings from each device in order to understand your business workflows and consumable costs per device.
  3. By analysing the print cost review information, our consultants provide recommendations that will fit in seamlessly with your current infrastructure and allow long term savings.

How to save money? It’s in the report…

We’ll determine the number of devices in use and also their respective volumes and running costs. Our consultants will also collect information from key users on the types of documents they produce and any specific requirements they may have.

Our audit report provides full details on your entire fleet. It will also give you an accurate “total cost of ownership” figure.

Print Audit

Our recommendations

We’ll recommend the most effective way to reduce your dependence on paper. This means phasing out expensive, inefficient desktop devices, reducing the number of consumables in use, placing devices at strategic points and also recommending the use of rules and routing to control and monitor output.

We provide before-and-after floor plans. You will easily see each department’s device layout. We’ll also provide a solid business case for determining a new document output strategy.

Reduce costs

The top four reasons for a print audit

  • Cost control: would you like to reduce your running costs? Savings of up to 30% regularly achieved.
  • Security: how secure are your documents and devices? 70% of companies have had a security breach.
  • Efficiency: we will help improve the efficiency of your workplace.
  • Environment: ask yourself, how green is your organisation? As an organisation you can get closer to carbon neutrality.

Environmental Commitment

Why not download the handy print audit infographic?

Our print audit is simple, straightforward, and can also potentially save you thousands of pounds on print costs per year.

So what are you waiting for? Book a free print audit. 


Finally, 123 image used by permission of Ricoh Europe PLC 


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