Laserfiche in Action

Laserfiche in Action
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For organisations with multiple departments, a Laserfiche Specialist can design a bespoke search engine to compliment the need for each department. This eliminates the need to have different solutions for customer relationship management, accounts payable, case management and document storage. Having all your information stored in one software solution reduces the amount of maintenance and service support required. Users only need to be familiar with one interface.

Laserfiche is used in over 32,000 organisations worldwide in sectors including legal, financial services, education, local government, healthcare, engineering and construction. Capital is a Laserfiche Winning VAR and is the only dedicated supplier in Scotland.

Laserfiche is more than just an electronic filing cabinet. It can be used for various processes and departments including:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Email storage
  • Word & Excel documents with full version control
  • Records Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Case Management
  • Storing blueprint plans

How secure are the documents and information managed by Laserfiche?

The Laserfiche VERS certification complements Laserfiche’s DoD 5015.2 certification, which ensures that documents are properly organized and managed. Together, the two certifications guarantee a multi-faceted set of information governance tools that manage a document’s lifecycle from initial capture to lasting record.

Digital signatures and volume checksums provide methods for validating your documents’ authenticity by detecting if changes have been made and protecting them against external tampering.

Document and information security is of utmost importance, and each department and user can be individually equipped with passwords and Windows authentication.

A document trail allows all users to view the history of the document; i.e. who has viewed and/or modified the document.  A network server acts as a repository for all content on Laserfiche.

The timeline for a fully implemented Laserfiche depends on several variables including the size of the organisation, the amount of paper documents that need to be scanned to Laserfiche and the amount of people power that can be dedicated to the implantation process.

What are the benefits of automating paper-based organisational processes?

You are probably familiar with the acronym JIT associated with production and output in a manufacturing facility. The premise behind JIT (Just in Time) is that parts and materials are available immediately when they are needed rather than wasting storage space stockpiling various materials. This has caused major savings in the production environment.

ECM works in a comparable way in the office environment. The ECM solution software allows you to retrieve the required information when needed, eliminating the time lag of paper document retrieval. Also, rather than having filing cabinets scattered around the office taking up costly floor space, work stations can be added to employ more people to work…

Before implementing Laserfiche ECM software “costing the county a lot of money in both lost productivity and excess paper consumption.” Offers bespoke solutions

Ease of use: users only need to be familiar with one ECM interface. Decreased support and maintenance: IT staff only has one system to administer.

Increased cross-departmental collaboration: Although different departments may use different forms, standardised metadata (i.e. common template fields) links disparate record sets together, facilitating cross-departmental collaboration

What is the implementation process?

After evaluating your need for an Electronic Document Management solution the next step should be to contact a Laserfiche Specialist who can further advise how to implement the software. In most cases the solution is rolled-out on a departmental basis. The Laserfiche professional will assess your business needs and advise which Laserfiche product would best compliment your organisations’ need. The Laserfiche professional will then tailor the software to meet the need of your end users.

What support and training are available?

After the software has been installed, Capital Document Solutions will provide practical hands-on training for your end users. Capital also has a Support Desk that is available for further enquiries. Laserfiche itself also has forums and solution boards on their website for further advice.

One of our Laserfiche customers SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) has been invited to present at the Laserfiche Empower Conference as a Success Story. SEPA will be discussing their implementation of Laserfiche. Capital Document Solutions is the only dedicated Laserfiche supplier in Scotland.

Our range of MFD’s and Fujitsu scanners will complement your Laserfiche solutions– giving you the ability to scan your paper documents into the system. Each scanned document’s text is then “read” and indexed so that files can be found based on any given word or key phrase.

Use the form on this page to download our Laserfiche Brochure to learn more.


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