Manage your documents effectively

Manage your documents effectively
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Money spent on managing your documents, office printing and copying is routinely one of the top five costs for businesses.

That’s the view of Kevin Edrich, a Managed Print Services consultant at Capital Document Solutions – whose operations include Aberdeen, Inverness and Shetland.

He says that this can equate to 3% of a company’s turnover. It is “a major, but often overlooked element of expenditure.”

Kevin is based in Capital’s Aberdeen office. “Few organisations stop to consider the ongoing expense associated with document imaging and printing. It’s often an uncontrolled activity with no single point of ownership”.

“Un-managed copying and printing can lead to unnecessary expenditure. This is in even sharper focus given the economic pressures facing many businesses today. Greater environmental awareness is also encouraging more companies to attempt to reduce their waste and energy consumption wherever possible.

One answer is to complete a physical audit.

This determines the number of devices in use and their respective print volumes and running costs.

This can help establish all the facts, pinpoint areas where savings can be made and create the foundation for an improved equipment and software platform.

By accurately measuring and monitoring your costs and environmental impact, it is then much easier to control and reduce them”.

So download our Managed Print Service brochure for more information.

Finally, follow this link to see a video explaining managed print services in more detail


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