Meet the Team: Ronnie Melvin

Meet the Team: Ronnie Melvin
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Following on from a previous blog article where we announced the appointment of three new board members we would now like to introduce you to Ronnie Melvin, Service Development Director at Capital Document Solutions in our series of meet the team.

Directors announcement John Campbell, Mark Harvie, Ronnie Melvin

First job 

I first started out as a Litho Printer at George Stewarts, Edinburgh

Career history   

George Stewarts for 6 Years and then on to A B Dick for 18 months and Capital for over 30 years!

How you got your current role   

Development within Capital Solutions and commitment to the service operation.

Best bits      

Monday mornings and working with a great team of people.

Worst bit!       

The sudden loss of our colleague Brain Tait.

Claim to fame  

I spent 7 months at the High Court on Jury Duty.

Best business advice you’ve been given 

Enjoy your work and KIS – Keep It Simple

Advice to others

Work hard, maintain your skills, always be willing to learn, embrace change, be 100% committed and try and KIS.

What do you see as your job’s biggest challenge?       

Continued training and development of the service teams to maintain and exceed our high standard of service support to our growing customer base and valued customers.

Where do you stand on work/life balance?      

Family and friends are top of the agenda closely followed by work. Be committed to both!

Who (living or dead) would you invite to a fantasy dinner party? 

At my dinner party I would have Elvis Presley, Johnnie Cash, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and Eddie Reader. Perfect!


Photography, DIY, walking and cycling.


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