Office Revolution

Office Revolution
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This is the second in a series of guest articles by Gordon Sheppard of KONICA MINOLTA Business Solutions (UK) Ltd.

In his first blog, Gordon, told of his early career and his move to Capital Copiers. Here he details the Capital work ethos and changes in the industry.


We all shared that taste of success at Capital and I’m certain that this had a profound effect on many of the staff at that point. Many have gone on to achieve great things through the Capital ethos of plan, work, achieve and enjoy.

The key message that I have carried from those formative years was to “under promise, but over deliver” and that attention to the small detail with excellence in customer care would prevail.


The Office Revolution


I was lucky enough to be part of the “Fax Revolution”, which after a major strike by the postal service accelerated rapidly and allowed me to specialise in these products. My mentor during these times was Ian Young, and Ian was (and still is) a great teacher and infinitely patient!

Ian Young

Ian Young

I also witnessed (and sometimes took part in) the rapid change in typewriters becoming electronic word processors and then ultimately Personal Computers loaded with Word perfect (anyone else remember that?) and the arrival of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word.

Old Typewriter

Old Typewriter

I also saw the arrival of full colour photocopiers and the beginning of digital colour printing and the emergence of the early Apple computer products that were the darlings of the design agencies.

It was a busy nine years!


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