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Print Management Software

The dream of the paperless office has been around for decades.  Look around most offices and you will still see lots of paper! Paper will continue to be an important business tool for years to come. The challenge therefore is not to create the “paperless office”. Rather we need to create an office where paper and digital documents work together in an efficient, cost-effective way. Print management software is the solution.

print management software

Secure in-house printing – and the “less paper” office


Cost-effective, intelligent, secure printing


Print management software enforces rules and routing for all print output, enabling users to select the most cost-effective print device.

Our print management brands include Equitrac, Safecom, PaperCut MF and PCounter.

Document security is enhanced using this software as users need to identify themselves at the output device before printing.

  • This is often referred to as “Follow-Me” or “Pull” Printing.
  • Users send documents to print and then collect them at any networked device, as and when they choose.
  • All the user needs to do is either enter their PIN or swipe their ID card to release their documents.
  • This system eliminates confidential documents lying unclaimed at the printer.

Our range of intelligent print management software will help you become much more productive as documents are only printed when required, in the right format, double sided and with much less paper waste.  Clients implementing this type of print management solution are experiencing savings in excess of 30%.

Contact us now to find out how you can make these savings.


“We have seen a reduction in our print costs through using print management software to route jobs to the most economical of devices. We would definitely recommend Capital to any other Scottish college or university, not only for their range of products but also for their excellent customer service and technical support.”  Fife College (formerly Carnegie College), Dunfermline

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