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Following a tender process, Capital Document Solutions partnered with Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, and Highlands and Islands Enterprise to design, implement, and support a SafeCom Enterprise solution.

“Not only has SafeCom achieved its objectives allowing our staff to print securely, we have drastically reduced the number of print servers required allowing us to consolidate our infrastructure and re-gained control over our print fleet.”

Print Management Software

Organisations waste thousands of pounds every year on print costs. Printing is still crucial, but unnecessary prints, colour printing and documents printed by mistake all waste paper and ink.

Print policies can only go so far, relying on staff remembering and adhering to policies. More often than not, they’ll simply hit ‘print’ without considering colour or quality to help save ink.

Print and scanning devices also pose a large security risk to organisations. Documents are stored electronically within the print or scanning device temporarily, and these documents can be retrieved by malicious hackers. What’s more, confidential printouts left by a printer can easily be picked up by someone without the appropriate permission.

However there is a way to both plug this security hole and improve your print efficiency: Print Management Software.

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What is Print Management Software?

Print Management Software enforces rules and routing for all print output, enabling users to select the most cost-effective print device.

Document security is enhanced using this software, as users need to identify themselves at the output device before printing. This is often referred to as “Follow-Me” or “Pull” Printing.

How does Print Management Software work?

  • Users send documents to the print queue from any device, whether on-site or off-site. Normally there are only 1 or 2 print queues for all users across all branches.
  • You can program rules into the Print Management Software to direct print jobs. Also you could set a rule for prints of emails to be mono duplex. You could force large print jobs – say over 20 pages – to be routed to a larger, more economical printer/MFD or have a pop-up appear on the users screen when they send the print job, advising them of the cost or benefit of sending their print job to the most cost effective device. This visual guilt approach can be very effective whilst not frustrating users when there is genuine reason to ignore the rule/suggestion.
  • Subject to the print rules, a user can collect their print job from any number of printers. For example, if the nearest printer is busy or out of order, they can simply walk to the next nearest printer (no need to resend the print job).
  • For staff that travel to different branches, they can print to their normal print queue and collect the print job from the nearest printer at whatever branch they are working at that day. No more accidentally sending a print job to a printer in a different branch. No more installing a huge library of print queues on your laptop for every branch you visit.
  • To collect their printed documents the user simply enters their PIN or swipes their ID card on the device to release their documents.

Benefits of Print Management Software

Print job management:

  • Eliminates the risk of confidential documents lying unclaimed at the printer
  • Reduces wasted paper and ink due to unnecessary printing
  • Automatically deletes print jobs that have not been printed after a pre-set time (e.g. 48 hours)
  • Allows management to monitor usage by user, department or environmental impact
  • Allows reporting on print costs for client billing, internal cost allocation or even to create automatic ‘pop-ups’ on user’s screens highlighting the cost of individual print jobs
  • Develop policies and print rules to help reduce print costs and environmental impact
  • Also users can send print jobs to a single central print queue and collect their prints from any number of devices across multiple locations

As documents are only printed when released. Our range of intelligent Print Management Software will help you become much more efficient and productive.

This is why clients who implement this type of print management solution experience savings in excess of 30%.

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Scotland’s largest independent supplier

Since 1979 Capital has been at the cutting edge of print and document solutions, growing to become Scotland’s largest independent supplier with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.

There is no single print management solution that will work for all organisations, so the freedom to select the best solution is essential.

Instead of providing all our clients with the same software, regardless of their needs, we start by getting to know you and your organisation through a comprehensive Print Consultancy.

From our initial audit of your devices and page volumes, we piece together the optimum document management setup for your organisation highlighting expected savings. This puts you in full control of your office whilst benefiting from our decades of knowledge and expertise.

And we don’t stop there. To make sure that you achieve the most from your new setup, we can provide full training and support to you and your team.

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