New year resolutions in document solutions: Part 1

New year resolutions in document solutions: Part 1
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Welcome to 2018 and we hope everyone had a very happy new year! Take the time to read how our document solutions can help you.

A new year, more document solutions that work for you

As we start another year, naturally our minds will go to what changes we would like to make, and what we can do better.

Firstly, we at Capital are keen to help you with any improvements you may feel you want, and to do our best to cater to your needs.

We have considered seven resolutions that we often want to make this time of year, and how we can help you.

Resolution 1: Be mindful of your money


Print is typically the third highest business operating expense behind rent and also payroll.*

The solution:

At Capital, we’re not your average print supplier. We want to be your trusted partner.

That’s why we offer a free print auditwhen we look at your print management software, and analyse volumes and running costs to discover efficiency savings. It’s simple, straightforward, and can also potentially save you thousands of pounds on print costs per year.

Here’s what you’ll get from your free audit:

  • Our analysis – we’ll undertake a physical audit of your fleet and we’ll determine the number of devices in use and their respective volumes and running costs.
  • Findings – you’ll get full details of your entire fleet with an accurate “total cost of ownership” figure.
  • Our recommendations – we’ll recommend the most effective way to reduce your organisation’s dependence on paper by phasing out expensive, inefficient desktop devices, reducing the number of consumables in use, placing devices at strategic points, and also recommending the use of rules and routing to control and monitor output.

It’s time to get more for your money. So book your free print audit today.

Resolution 2: Learn a new skill


90% of companies don’t know how many printers they have*, or their full functionality.

The solution:

Capital fully understand that client training plays an integral part to implementing any new system. So training and end user adoption play an essential part in realising the full benefits from any new solution.

We provide:

  • Installation training
  • Ongoing training
  • In-house or off-site training
  • Software consultants
  • IT field support

Our Client Training support staff are fully manufacturer-trained on all our hardware and also software products.

So find out more, and see how our Client Support team can help. Call us on 0800 844 744 or contact us now.

Resolution 3: Don’t be afraid to ask for help


As much as 40 to 60% of IT helpdesk calls are print related.*

The solution:

We are committed to giving all clients technical support. We ensure your document solutions remain productive throughout their lifetime. You can be assured of a national service with a distinctly local feel.

Our service assistance includes:

  • Installation – our own Logistics Team take full responsibility for the delivery and installation of all document devices and software.
  • Work control – who will co-ordinate service visits based on the nearest engineer’s location and availability.
  • Remote monitoring – using industry leading software, we can remotely monitor the status of your equipment and can be alerted to any potential problems.
  • Helpdesk – when a fault is logged, our Helpdesk staff analyse and determine if it can be fixed over the phone.
  • Responsiveness – our average response time is less than the industry goal of four hours. Our first time fix rate is approximately 98%. We have 60+ Service Support staff covering Scotland.
  • Certified technicians – our Service Technicians are are experts in printing and imaging technologies.
  • Management reports – we can provide reports that track each device’s age, utilisation and performance.

So call us on 0800 844 744 or contact us now to understand more about how we can help.

Resolution 4: Lose some weight

document solutions


The average office worker spends as much as 50 minutes per day looking for information.

The solution:

An effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is designed to save you time and also money – while reducing the amount of paper.

We offer Laserfiche. It enables your staff to easily and securely store, manage and also retrieve documents throughout their entire life cycle. It also allows you to apply company policies and procedures for every type of document all the while empowering your organisation to transform business processes, optimise costs and deliver better business results.

How do ECM systems like Laserfiche work?

  • They have the ability to store electronic documents.
  • Documents are scanned directly into your ECM system via your digital scanning device.
  • Text is then “read” and fully indexed, so you can easily search for key words or phrases.
  • With Laserfiche’s drag-and-drop feature, you can simply add relevant electronic documents to the scanned paper documents, compiling relevant information together.

Want to see how your organisation can also benefit from ECM? Get in touch today.

So come back early next week to find out what our remaining three resolutions and document solutions are!

*From Ray Morgan Company: Document Technology Solutions



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