Snowmageddon! When it’s time for disaster recovery

Snowmageddon! When it’s time for disaster recovery
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It could be time for disaster recovery. The beginning of March brought no signs of spring, as Storm Emma danced with the Beast From the East across the UK.

Up to 50cm of snow fell with bitterly cold winds sweeping across the country and temperatures falling to below zero. A red weather warning moved from Scotland’s central belt to south-west England and south Wales.

snow storms

So just what impact do such conditions bring, not just to our livelihoods, but to businesses?

The possible impacts on your business

As well as its impact on economic growth, freezing temperatures can bring some unexpected physcial impacts.

  • Frozen pipes. When the temperature outside drops, the water in your pipes can freeze. As it freezes, it expands, which can cause the pipes to burst.
  • Air flow. Improper airflow can  be caused by an obstructed vent, dirty duct, or an issue with the furnace itself, which can even lead to fires.
  • Heat loss. Below freezing temperatures can kick your system into overdrive, making it difficult to maintain consistent temperatures, and put pressures on the heating and also water systems.
  • Power cuts. Lasting hours or even days, power outages render many devices unusable.

These are just a few of the worst case scenarios*, and when the worst happens, organisations must be able to recover in order to survive.

disaster recovery

What you can do to prepare for disaster recovery

It’s critical that every business has a plan to protect its information and to resume operations as soon as possible after a disastrous event.

In today’s challenging business environment, it’s important for staff to be able to access and share key business documents as easily and also effectively as if they were sitting next to each other, no matter where they’re located.

Our solution to finding documents in a timely manner is Laserfiche. This content service transforms how organisations to easily and securely store, manage and retrieve information throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Using Laserfiche, organisations can innovate how documents, and also unstructured information are processed and analysed to achieve business results. Information is protected, and easy to find and accessible to all who need it.

Enterprise Content Management

Capital Document Solutions is a Laserfiche Scotland Gold Certified Reseller

Capital is able to work with clients to develop solutions that help organisations drive business value. We are a Laserfiche Scotland Winning VAR.

The Laserfiche software suite can scale from small businesses to large corporations. A modular approach allows you to spread the cost while growing the system to meet your needs.

Laserfiche will help you:

  • Remove the need to store paper documents.
  • Reduce document retrieval time by up to 90%.
  • Improve document filing time by up to 20%.
  • Eliminate mis-filed and also missing documents.
  • Ensure transparency of all document/paper trails.

What you can do right now

If you would like to discuss how Capital can help with disaster recovery and streamline your business continuity planning feel free to contact us.

You can also have a look at Business continuity planning: Questions organisations don’t ask but should by David Ng of Laserfiche.


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