Social Media Audit by Florizel Media

Social Media Audit by Florizel Media
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Delving deep into social media analytics isn’t something that companies always do as often as they should. Tracking the easy metrics such as ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ is often as far as it goes.

However, Capital Document Solutions is keen to look deeper and just over a year ago they asked Florizel Media to run their first social media audit. Our full audits not only look at our client’s activity they also compare them with their competitors. This means that they get an accurate look, not only at their own success but also at how they fare in the market.

We look at the full range of channels from Facebook to Instagram and we analyse everything from growth in followers, how good engagement is through to which accounts are most influential within their network. On top of that we also look at things like keywords and website performance.

When we ran the first audit for Capital we gained a snapshot of where they were at that point in time. When they came back to us a year later to ask for another audit we were then able to see how their performance on social media had changed for the better.

By understanding the outcomes of their performance they are well placed to ensure that they use best practice to continue to grow their social media presence and to help the business gain market share. With the addition of Highland Office Equipment to their online profile they can be sure that they can use their knowledge to grow this area of their business.

Guest post from Pauline Randall of Florizel Media

Pauline Randall of Florizel Media Ltd


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