Mobile working technology to the rescue!

Mobile working technology to the rescue!
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The Beast from the East destroyed our commute but mobile working came to our rescue!

It’s snow laughing matter when conditions outside of your control affect your work.

mobile working

However, in today’s digital age, we have the option of mobile working – and mobile printing.

What is mobile printing?

Mobile printing is the action of printing a document from a mobile device such as a smartphone, iPad or laptop to an enabled printer / photocopier / multifunctional device (MFD) via the cloud. The cloud is simply a way of expressing a digital document storage area that can be remotely accessed.

With UK storms and ice increasingly impacting travel and access to your office, there is no better time to have the ability to mobile print.

Picture this. It’s 8am and you’re on the train. You have a meeting with the boss in two hours, and you need a range of hard copies in order to make your pitch. The tracks are icy and the train is not moving quickly. You need to have those documents printed and ready, but all you have is your smart phone.

Fortunately your office has the appropriate Print Management Software package, so problem solved! In moments, you email the document securely to a company printer. Your train finally arrives at the station, and you make it into the office in time to type in your secure release code into your device, and print. There’s no need to scrabble around with memory sticks, or waste time logging into a computer – because you can now print directly from your mobile device.

remote working

So how does mobile working work?

There are a range of software solutions for mobile printing that all work in different ways:

  • Via app – these apps are often specific to a printer manufactures and usually the mobile device is connecting directly to the printer / MFD, although some apps can be routed via Print Management Software.
  • By email – an email address is assigned to a particular printer / MFD with Print Management Software.
  • Via webpage – Print Management Software means you can upload the document to print, or download.  Customised drivers enable guest printing from your mobile device.

Our mobile print solutions

Capital’s solutions include: Hotspot Printing and ePrint.

In addition, many manufacturers provide apps for the iPad / iPhone:

We have the expertise and also the local presence to help you benefit from Mobile working.

Contact us to let us help you with your mobile document needs.


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