Why we love providing document solutions…

Why we love providing document solutions…
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Document solutions?

At Capital, we are proud of all that we are and do.

And as the day of love and relationships draws near, we take the time to ponder what we’re passionate about.

Why we love… Scotland

document solutions

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A Scottish heart beats at our core, and with it, the pride and passion, and the openness and honesty.

We know you value local service with a local face, which is why we employ over 200 of the best people throughout Scotland across branches in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and the Shetlands.

Our local presence means we can provide unparalleled levels of customer support. If your device breaks down, we’ll be there in a trice.

We are also proud to be involved in local music and sporting events around Scotland, to keep our passionate hearts beating, and to keep us alive within the local community.

Why we love… the environment

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We love being able to care for our environment, and we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We’re proud that all of our branches have the Environmental Accreditation BS EN ISO 14001.

We have specific policies on waste reduction, recycling and only supply Energy Saving equipment. Therefore, you can be assured you are dealing with one of the most environmentally committed firms in the industry.

Environmental integrity is fundamentally important to Capital and our suppliers – who are required to equally demonstrate their own commitment and continual improvement programmes.

With responsibility being one of our core values, we believe in shared accountability and acceptance of personal responsibility in all business dealings and decision making. “It’s up to us” – we lead by example; we are accountable and take ownership;  we have a “can do” approach – we love to bring solutions, not problems.

Why we love… the community

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At Capital, we are keen to support youth and the community as much as we can, which is why we offer apprenticeships though the Edinburgh Guarantee Scheme.

The apprentices, who were hired through the Edinburgh Guarantee, were given training on a wide range of our workshop services. They are now full time employees, having also completed a three year SVQ Apprenticeship as Office Equipment Engineers.

Why we love… security

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With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) just around the corner, Capital can help you stay secure. We are experts in data, document and device security. Capital can review your information processes and improve your data security and efficiency.

We can:

  • Advise on the capturing of data. Data from paper and electronic documents can be easily and securely captured through your devices and software.
  • Provide mobility. We can help you search, retrieve, create and also upload electronic documents from the field via a web browser. This also allows users to securely participate in all business processes.
  • Help you have access to Critical Information. A growing number of national and international laws require long term, secure storage of documents. Administering paper documents separately from computer files and emails is not secure, wastes space and increases warehousing costs. We can help you to archive your documents securely while maintaining version history.
  • Provide an audit trail. Controls can be put in place to keep track of when and why documents have been exported or printed.
  • Protect your information. Make use of document encryption to protect sensitive information as well as sign and apply digital signatures to validate documents.
  • Monitor and report. Reporting tools are available within Print Management Software to allow monitoring of who is producing the output and also where it is being produced.

Why we love… finding you document solutions

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Print solutions is about more than just printers and ink. Software, support and service count for just as much, if not more.

Our range of document solutions will help you:

  • significantly reduce your copy/print costs;
  • gain control of your copying and also printing;
  • reduce the total cost of running your fleet by as much as 30% or more;
  • secure your confidential information;
  • reduce your environmental impact; and
  • work smarter.

We pride ourselves on forming long-term partnerships with you, and with giving you sound, ethical business advice. 

We’re also 100% independent. That means that our document solutions can be based on your needs, not our commercials or any manufacturer loyalty.

Finally, with a host of accreditations and nearly 40 years of quality print service, we is a company you can rely on.

So, if you want to get involved and become part of what makes us so passionate and proud, get in touch now.


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