We have been delighted with the cost and environmental savings, combined with a first class level of service and support provided by Capital through our new contract.

“They have taken a proactive approach to managing our contract from day one.”

University of Highlands & Islands

Environmental Commitment

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously as a key management priority. We’re also proud that all our branches have the Environmental Accreditation BS EN ISO 14001.

BSI Environmental Management Logo

We have specific policies on waste reduction, recycling, and only supply Energy Saving equipment. Therefore, you can be assured that you are dealing with one of the most environmentally committed firms in the industry.

Energy Star Dealer

Capital is a member of the Energy Star dealer community. We only promote accredited products. We customise energy saving features in line with your energy saving objectives.

Waste packaging

We recycle almost all waste packaging and where possible return it to the producer to ensure closed loop recycling. In addition, our Field Engineers return all waste packaging they generate to be recycled and uplifted by licensed contractors. We cannot recycle all of our packaging (there is no alternative but to send compacted polystyrene to energy recovery).

End-of-life products? Re-useable parts

Low mileage devices are fully refurbished in our extensive workshops and re-sold. High mileage devices are either sold for re-use within the industry, or our Recycling Centre strips these devices for re-use of individual components. Any remaining elements are recycled.  Read more about our approved used copy, print and scan devices here.

Our environmental brands

Recycling is integral to our suppliers – RicohHP and Canon. These manufacturers offer facilities for clients to return toner cartridges directly to them to be reused or recycled.

(Konica Minolta do offer a take back service but not directly to them – but to Eos, who will charge for Bizhub returns.)

They also design products in a manner that minimises their environmental impact. They promote extensive programmes of environmental management based on pollution prevention and control, energy conservation and waste reduction, re-use and also recycling.

Parts recycling

Our Field Engineers remove serviceable components for return to our Recycling Centre. Defective parts are returned to manufacturers for recycling when it isn’t possible to recycle them.

Helping you reduce your carbon footprint

Document production has a wide-ranging environmental impact. We can make your devices run more efficiently, and using print management software we can significantly reduce paper wastage. In conclusion, you can take advantage of our green credentials and work towards achieving your organisation’s own sustainability objectives.