MakerBot is an innovative United States company founded in January 2009 to engineer and produce 3D printers.

Furthermore, it is setting the standing in reliable, professional desktop 3D printing.


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Makerbot 3D printers – Desktop 3D printing has arrived

Capital Document Solutions, in partnership with ArtSystems, is a proud supplier of the renowned Makerbot 3D printers across Scotland.

In our showrooms we have a range of 3D printers on display. We are excited to be supplying to the fast emerging and growing market for 3D printers. (Read about the Z18 Replicator and the Desktop Replicator)

Makerbot 3D Printer Authorised Reseller Professional

These exciting and creative products are another welcome addition to our product portfolio. There is a very high level of interest, particularly across the Education and Health sectors.

Tom Flockhart, Managing Director, said, “3D Printers are extremely valuable additions to our printer range, demonstrating our willingness, enthusiasm and capacity to embrace new technology and products.”

MakerBot is available through the Scottish Government’s National Framework Agreement for Office Equipment (PS-16-013-03)

In addition, as a supplier on the Framework, Capital can provide these 3D printers to all Scottish Public Sector bodies including Local Authorities, Central Government, Health Authorities, Higher Education, Fire and Rescue, Police Authorities and Voluntary/Charitable Organisations.  The Framework also ensures competitive prices.

Unleash your creativity with 3D printing

Finally, this short video highlights how easy and reliable 3D printing is: