Capital’s software solutions expand to uniFLOW

Capital’s software solutions expand to uniFLOW
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Following Capital’s recent partnership with Canon, and Canon being named as Buyer’s Lab Copier MFP Line of the Year 2018, we’re delighted to announce that our software solutions will now also include uniFLOW.

Uniflow Logo

uniFLOW is Canon’s integrated print and scan management solution. It incorporates mobile printing capabilities, allowing customers to provide a facility for workers and guests to print from mobile devices. This can be achieved securely and where related costs are managed effectively.

By providing effective controls over your entire multifunctional device (MFD), printer and scanner fleet, the product will save your organisation time and also money.

The package includes the uniFLOW User Web, which is the end-user interface. If you are logged in to the User Web, you can receive pop-up information from the uniFLOW server.

6 benefits of uniFLOW:

  • Cost tracking: the built-in reporting system allows you to view and also control how much each printer and user is costing the organisation. Any savings are also recorded, allowing you to see the true return on investment achieved.
  • Advanced scanning: users can scan and compress documents from MFDs, directly to email or to document repositories. Scan workflows can be personalised so that the “scanning experience” is both intuitive and consistent.
  • Secure printing: users can send their sensitive documents to network printers and have the job printed only when they are physically standing in front of the printer.


  • Document securityjobs can be held at the server until a user provides identification at the MFD, preventing unauthorised individuals from retrieving a confidential document.
  • Intelligent routing: the administrator can define how documents are printed when certain rules are matched.
  • Mobile printing: users are able to print regardless of whether they are printing from their desktop PCs, Cloud-based system or mobile devices.

The latest version for 2018

uniFLOW 2018 LTS has a large selection of enhancements focusing on resilience and reporting, with the LTS abbreviation standing for Long Term Support.

uniFLOW 2018 LTS controller

5 key features of uniFLOW 2018 LTS

  • Improved resilience: the new product covers the overall print process to avoid the loss of any print jobs. It’s no longer reliant on external resources and technologies. This leads to a cost-efficient solution which is simpler to implement and also manage.
  • Stronger reporting capabilities: uniFLOW can generate a large number of standard reports. They can either run on demand or be based on scheduled tasks. The collected data is presented in different formats, giving you all the necessary information on your print fleet. UniFLOW 2018 LTS customers with business intelligence systems already running will benefit by adding the data into their existing system.
  • New look and feel: the uniFLOW User Web has been completely reworked to make its use more intuitive. It offers a cleaner user interface and also new functions. There are three different sign in options: Windows authentication; username and password; and username and PIN.

uniFLOW 2018 LTS sign in

  • Desktop scanner support: by supporting USB connected Canon imageFORMULA desktop scanners, an integrated scan solution can be offered. This enables you to implement a complete scan solution, offering the same scan workflows, options and usability whichever device is available.
  • Separate print and scan button: two separate buttons for secure print and scan are available on the Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform (MEAP) interface. To improve the ease of use, scanning can be used independently of printing. The scan button offers direct access to scan workflows, with a switch between the applications being easily possible. The current familiar combined setup will remain available.

uniFLOW 2018 LTS print and scan

So for more information on our software solutions and how we can help you, visit our products page or contact us now.

Sources: uniFLOW Version 5.1; New Product Launch: uniFLOW 2018 LTS


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