From the Archive: Equitrac

From the Archive: Equitrac
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It is Keeping Track of Print Costs with Equitrac

In June 2008 the ICAS’s Chartered Accountants magazine published our Equitrac article ‘Keep Count of Copies’. 


It concerned the importance of keeping track of print costs.  Companies need to manage their overheads and understand exactly where their money is being spent.

A manual approach to documenting print outputs may result in errors and omissions and therefore increase company overheads. Fortunately, there are computerised solutions available such as Equitrac.

Equitrac is an innovative software solution. It is able to digitally record who is printing faxing or scanning, and the quantity of their output.

 “..once you can identify how costs are being generated, by whom and for what reason, you immediately open up the opportunity to recover what would otherwise come straight off the operating profit.”

Turning hidden costs into billable revenue with Equitrac

There are very good reasons why firms and companies of all sizes need to get to grips with the true cost of their various document generation activities, be this for copy, print, scanning or faxing.

It is simply sound business practice to know how this element of your total monthly overhead is being generated.

Until now, in many organisations the closest anyone generally got to recovering these lost costs was via the traditional “billing book” on the photocopier.

In 2003 Capital formed a partnership with Equitrac

This continues to thrive as the issue of print output costs is just as relevant today as ever before.

At Capital we strive to give customers full control over managing their print output and work closely with people to understand their needs and deliver the best solution.  For further information please view our Print Management Software page or get in touch with us.


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