Everyone Print – Mobile Print Solutions

Everyone Print – Mobile Print Solutions
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This is Part One of a two-part series where we discuss mobile printing solutions.

EveryonePrint is a leading mobile print solution from Next Print Solutions Apps that allows users to print from mobile devices.  Here’s how it works:

9 am – you’re on the train.  You have a meeting with the MD in an hour and your colleague has just emailed through a report to discuss.   She’s off sick and you’re running out of time.  You need to print that document but all you have is your smart phone.

Fortunately your office has EveryonePrint so problem solved!  In moments you email the document securely to a company printer, you arrive calmly in the office, type in your secure release code and print without breaking sweat.  There’s no need to scrabble around with memory sticks, or waste time logging into a computer because you can now print directly from your mobile device.

Everyone Print from Next Print Solutions

A simple and quick Installation


EveryonePrint will install on your company’s own network infrastructure and is configured via a simple web administration interface.   It can be integrated seamlessly within the existing print-management software and you don’t have to install any further apps into your own mobile device.


Freedom to print how and where you want


When it comes to printing a document remotely there are so many options:

  • Send the document to print from anywhere as attachments via email, using any mobile device.
  • Use Air Print to send a document straight from your iPad to the networked printers.
  • Print from the existing print management software on your own computer, whether it is Mac, Linux or Windows.
  • Print from other mobile devices using universal driver which sends your document straight to the printer via a private cloud.

 Next Solutions Aps partners with Capital


Capital can work closely with your company to integrate mobile printing into your existing devices.  We are on the forefront of supplying innovative time and money saving solutions to organisations and recognise EveryonePrint as a perfect solution for busy people on the go – looking for a hassle-free solutions for the modern office environment.

Roy Neckling, CEO at Next Print Solutions Aps says:

“Strong partners have been a key to the success of EveryonePrint.  We are pleased to announce partnership with Capital Solutions which has an impressive track record in their marketplace. The market for Mobile Printing is growing fast as the office environment is changing, and EveryonePrint is bridging the gap between the mobile devices and the networked printers.”

In the next article we will discuss the security issues of printing sensitive documents from mobile devices and the way in which EveryonePrint elegantly does this.


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