Evolve together

Evolve together
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Here’s a guest article ‘Evolve together‘ from the archives. “The globe has a PIN number 1114 and it’s going to change to 1134. Get ready to evolve together”

Gordon Sheppard was one of the lucky delegates to attend the conference and he had this to say – “From the moment I stepped off the plane after a short flight from John Lennon Airport in Liverpool into the warm sunshine that greeted us in Barcelona I knew that the Konica Minolta European Leadership Conference was going to be fantastic.”

“Held at Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona in October 2013 this was an informative and interesting conference.”

“The conference laid out a strong message and vision of how we (Konica Minolta), as a global company would continue to evolve in our marketplace – but not by ourselves or alone. But by working together with our partners and colleagues in the “WeVolution”.

Evolve together

Evolve together keynote speakers

These included the President of Konica Minolta Inc. Japan, Mr Masatoshi Matsuzaki and also Mr Ken Osuga (President, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe). They extended a warm welcome to our key partners and dealers throughout Europe. Some interesting insights were shared including where other Konica Minolta technologies were being utilised beyond the business technology sector.

Dr. Kjell A. Nordstroem from the Stockholm School of Economics also had the audience spellbound with his vision of WeVolution. He explained how we continue to grow and develop as a human race with the rapid exploitation of technology.

“The globe has a PIN number 1114 and it’s going to change to 1134.” This referred to the challenge facing the planet in the ever growing population. The American continent has a population of 1 billion people. Europe has a population of 1 billion people. Africa also has a population of 1 billion people and Asia, a population of 4 billion. The future with bring a big population challenge but also an opportunity if grasped properly. For any business to survive and flourish, we all had to evolve together to achieve more.

Spectacular sound and light show

The conference finished with a spectacular sound and visual show. We all took a look around one of the biggest exhibition installations I ever seen Konica Minolta put on.

With the formalities of the day over, everyone was collected by a fleet of buses and taken to the spectacular Museum National d’Art de Catalunya for some Catalonian culture, food and also entertainment. A really great touch was Mr Osuga personally greeting everyone at their tables insuring that everyone was enjoying their evening – a feat that took a considerable time since there were literally thousands of delegates seated throughout the grand hall!

All in all, the conference event was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with just the right mix of product information, leadership message and entertainment where we were all made to feel very much part of the global family of Konica Minolta. We hope you enjoyed the article ‘Evolve together‘.

Konica Minolta Barcelona conference

Konica Minolta Barcelona conference


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