Introducing the interactive whiteboard

Introducing the interactive whiteboard
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The Interactive Whiteboard – interactivity at your fingertips


Capital Document Solutions is Ricoh’s largest Scottish dealership and a Ricoh Gold Customer Service Certified Partner.

We would like to introduce the next level in communication: Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard D5510 – ideally suited for businesses and higher education. The D5510’s high resolution display and easy remote image sharing stimulates interaction and facilitates learning. An extra dimension for your business meetings, teleconferences, presentations and training sessions!

Please watch the Ricoh video at the end of this article. It includes a demonstration of this powerful technology.



  • Outstanding quality
    • For outstanding brightness and long life the whiteboard’s 55-inch, full HD 1080p LCD display incorporates an LED backlight.

  • Innovative handwriting recognition
    • You can write, scribble or draw with the D5510’s handy electronic pen, which comes in 20 colours and 4 thicknesses and incorporates an erase function.

  • Real-time, remote communication
    • The D5510 enables you to share written content with up to 8 D5510 units connected via the intranet: no need for separate  server / software installations.


Easy set-up and operation

  • Switch on… and interact
    • The D5510 is ready to use immediately – without needing to install software or perform calibrations. Administrative settings can be set up remotely.

  • Very easy to use
    • With touch-screen convenience you can use your fingers to highlight a key area on screen, flip through the pages and zoom in and out.


Perfect for multiple applications

  • Design drawings: share in high quality, revise immediately, get instant approval, save and distribute.
  • Printing proofs: reduce print costs by sharing and describing correction points directly.
  • Board meetings: write up, approve, share and distribute minutes, memos and reports before the meeting ends.
  • Higher education: work as a study group, save all inputs, share via email or network folder, collaborate remotely.


Safe and secure

Concerned about accidentally sharing confidential information you’ve displayed on the whiteboard? There’s no need. When closing a meeting, you can choose whether to save the data temporarily or permanently (via USB key or network folder), or delete it permanently.

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