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Johnston Fuels

“Johnston Fuels were looking for a document management system that would allow us to automate storing and navigating important documentation with ease.  We chose Laserfiche due to the excellent service Capital provide, and subsequently thanks to their after sales support now use Laserfiche in our purchasing department for its optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities.

“Their knowledge and experience has been instrumental in improving our workflow processes, as well as reducing our dependency on manual, paper based systems. 

“I would highly recommend Capital Document Solutions and Laserfiche to any client.”

Johnston Fuels

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Enterprise Content Management

Firstly, did you know that the average office worker spends over 50 minutes per day looking for information?

An effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is designed to save you time and money – while also reducing your office’s dependency on paper. The challenge here isn’t to create a paperless office. Organisations should strive to create offices where paper and digital documents work in perfect harmony in an efficient, cost-effective way.


We offer Laserfiche

Laserfiche is an award-winning Enterprise Content Management solution. It enables your staff to easily and securely store, manage and retrieve documents throughout their entire lifecycle. But it’s much more than a simple database. Laserfiche allows you to apply company policies and procedures for every type of document all the while empowering your organisation to transform business processes, optimise costs and deliver better business results.

Want to learn more about our Enterprise Content Management software?

View our Laserfiche flyer or watch this short Laserfiche document management system video below.

How do Enterprise Content Management Systems like Laserfiche work?

  • Ability to store electronic documents i.e. Word, Excel etc.
  • Documents are scanned directly into your Enterprise Content Management system via your digital scanning device.
  • Text is then “read” and fully indexed, so you can easily search for key words or phrases.
  • With Laserfiche’s drag-and-drop feature, you can simply add relevant electronic documents to the scanned paper documents, compiling relevant information together.

All this makes storing, retrieving and sharing key documents across your organisation easy, regardless of where staff are based. With multiple offices, remote and mobile workers, ease of document management saves time and money, increasing productivity and providing an intuitive folder structure.

Enterprise Content Management Security

All documents stored in your Enterprise Content Management system are highly secure yet easily accessible, providing peace of mind. And should the worst happen? A flood, fire, or earthquake, for example? Your staff can still access key files through your Enterprise Content Management system. This is a great addition to your Business Continuity Plan.

While these security features are useful, they also help you stay compliant with various legislation. Keeping personal information secure, protecting business-critical data, compiling accounts for audit. All of these compliance issues are improved and supported by an Enterprise Content Management system.

Our comprehensive training ensures all of your staff know how to use the system from day one. After all, that’s the purpose of Enterprise Content Management: to make your life easier.

So, want to see how your organisation can benefit from Enterprise Content Management Systems? Get in touch today.

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