Managed Print Services

Without Managed Print Services you could be spending up to 3% of your revenues on copying and printing.*

Copying and printing documents is still a vital part of the way organisations communicate. However, these processes, and the fleet of devices that support them, are often complex and unmanaged. As a result, this often leads to unnecessary copy and print costs.

The solution is Managed Print Services, with a single supplier in Scotland who can:

  • understand your document workflows
  • analyse your device fleet and document output costs
  • develop a bespoke Document Output Strategy
  • design a print environment right for your business
  • provide a single supplier, one invoice solution
  • reduce your copy/print costs by as much as 30%
  • continuously review and optimise your entire device fleet
  • reduce your environmental impact

Call us today on 0800 844 744 and find out how we can help your organisation.  Capital have offices throughout Scotland and are specialists in managed print services.

Managed Print Services

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What are Managed Print Services?

A Managed Print Service is where the hardware, software, supplies and service are all provided and fully supported by your chosen single supplier.

The three main phases of a Managed Print Service are shown below.

managed print services phases


This involves carrying out a review of your current print environment – i.e. devices and output volumes often utilising a Print Audit. We provide recommendations for a print solution that will save you time and money. Assessments range from basic online analysis right up to full document workflow review. Environmental impact analysis and document security assessments may also be included.


We’ll help you improve your device-to-user ratios, device placement and also fine tune your fleet mix. Use of Fleet Monitoring Software is almost always of benefit. Print Management Software may be justified depending upon the situation. Print management policies allow controls and rules for copying and printing, bolstering security and also reducing costs.


A Managed Print Service is a continuous process of improvement. It includes regular business reviews, service level agreement monitoring and also periodic audits. In other words, we’ll be there for you whenever you need us.

Why use Managed Print Services?

Your goal is to reduce costs and environmental impact whilst improving the resilience of your print systems. Ours is to provide you with the equipment, consumables, service and support you need to make it happen. So by partnering with Capital, all you need is a single provider for all your document management needs.

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*source: Gartner Group

Key benefits of Managed Print Services:

  • Savings of 30% or more on your copy/print costs
  • A single supplier for equipment, service and support
  • Up to 25% reduction in consumable costs
  • Up to 40% reduction in IT support calls – your internal IT resource can concentrate on core tasks
  • Complete device/fleet management
  • Fully inclusive cost per page
  • Environmental targets will be met


  • Employee productivity is enhanced
  • Reduced paper consumption
  • Reduced ink and toner consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Confidential documents remain secure
  • Digital scanning equals less print
  • Energy Star equipment

Our approach

We have been helping organisations manage their document solutions since 1979 – working to reduce our clients’ costs through innovative technology. With over 1,000 years of expertise and experience across our teams, Capital really is a safe pair of hands.

For larger, solution-based offerings we have a structured process which helps us match your specific requirements with our proposed hardware and software recommendations.

Technical and IT support

Once a solution is delivered, our managed print service relies on our technical and IT support. As document technology is fully integrated into the IT environment, first class technical and IT support is even more mission critical.

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