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Our thanks to Capital for their excellent service while reviewing our current printing contract. The advice was refreshingly honest. It helped the Association change our printing arrangements in order to ensure our current and future needs are met.

“All the staff we dealt with during the transitional period were extremely helpful and efficient. We look forward to building on this excellent start to our new working partnership.”

Angus Housing Association

Print Consultancy

Our print consultancy firstly looks at operational costs of print, copy and scan devices. Devices are often seen as a “fixed” cost, a capital expenditure, ignoring the ongoing maintenance and supply costs.

As a result, these costs can get out of control, growing exponentially as your business grows. That’s why most organisations spend up to 3% of their revenue on printing.

The key to controlling print costs? See print as part of a wider document management solution that strives for operational efficiency.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Take advantage of our decades of industry experience. So book one of our expert print consultants to visit your organisation and identify any areas for improvement we have offices throughout Scotland in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Inverness.

Ready to reduce your organisation’s dependency on paper – and the costs associated with it?  Then get in touch to arrange a consultation.

print consulting printing consultant print consultants print consultancy

Helping you work smarter

Print consultancy from Capital in Scotland will show you how to improve your work practices with the best software, processes and devices.

We also identify the expected cost savings from process improvements, creating a model of your savings over time. All this is compiled in a tailored document solution that will enable you to manage documents and print more effectively.

Reduce costs and work smarter – so book your free print consultation.

More secure document processing

Document security is another often overlooked area. While networks and terminals are obvious vulnerabilities, printers, scanners and copiers are not. Yet these devices will often store local electronic copies of any documents they process – an open goal for malicious hackers.

But don’t worry, print management software can help. Often referred to as “pull” or “follow me” printing, these software solutions plug holes in your document security.


Our print consultants help you get the ideal software for your organisation.

Minimise security vulnerabilities and reduce print costs by as much as 30%.

Secure your devices and reduce costs – book your free print consultation.

Our primary aims are to help reduce costs, secure documents, work smarter and ensure you continually reduce your environmental impact.