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Ultra short throw portable Projectors

Modern Portable Projectors – share information anytime, anywhere

Projection has come a long way from the magic lanterns and overhead Projectors of yesterday.

Traditional projection required a large room and also precise setup along with being noisy and expensive.

With modern short throw projection you can place the device on the ground right next to the wall.Ricoh Portable Projectors

So they can be used where most Projectors can’t: in tiny meeting rooms, shop windows, even museum displays.

Compact, lightweight and easy to setup. They offer all the flexibility and versatility demanded by today’s agile businesses.

You can even interact with the projection on the wall ( by using a pointed finger or pen ) and collaborate in real-time by networking the device with other Projectors/interactive whiteboards/tablets/mobile/PC. Interactivity is fully integrated so there’s no need for calibration or additional purchases allowing you to add notes and drawings to projected images.

This short video highlights some of the features:

If you would like more details then you can download your free brochure.

Wired and wireless connectivity for easy sharing and enhanced device management.

There is a USB port for PC-free presentations and it can also display material from smartphones and digital media servers.

With bright output and a high contrast ratio create vivid displays even in well-lit environments. Integrated speakers ensure these 3D-ready Projectors are suitable for everything from business presentations or eye-catching multimedia entertainment.

Transform your office environment today.

If you would like more details then you can download your free brochure.


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