Return to Capital

Return to Capital
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Return to Capital is the third in a series of guest articles by Gordon Sheppard of KONICA MINOLTA Business Solutions (UK) Ltd.

In his first blog, Gordon, told of his early career with Capital Copiers. Then he detailed the Capital work ethos  and changes in the industry. Here he tells us more about changes in his career.

My own personal growth continued. I began looking further into the industry and found Minolta (a Japanese office equipment manufacturer) was about to open a sales and service office in Edinburgh to support their Scottish National Accounts. I took a chance, applied and found myself suddenly working for a manufacturer of office equipment. This role was still based around servicing hardware in the field. By my mid-thirties I was becoming keen to move my career on.

Return to Capital


I saw some of my former engineer colleagues at Capital take their technical skills into the sales department. So I found myself back at Capital’s door looking for that same opportunity. I wasn’t blindly confident in carrying it off in the cut and thrust of the world of commercial office equipment sales. However, as Managing Director, Tom Flockhart said to me at the time –

“It’s an opportunity – nothing more, nothing less”.

Despite so much good will and support from all of the staff, my initial concerns were proven correct. After a short period in sales with Capital, I returned to Minolta just as their digital copier revolution was about to take off.

Return to Capital: 3rd in a series by Gordon Sheppard of KONICA


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