Print Fleet Management PrintFleet Management

“Our thanks to Capital for their excellent service in providing and maintaining our Ricoh device. From the initial advice, demonstrations and sale all Capital staff involved have continued to be responsive and attentive. They also provide great back up, servicing support and ongoing advice on our changing needs. In addition, the quality of Capital’s products and servicing provides a dependable core information handling system, key to our success.

Fletcher Joseph Architects

Fleet Management and Optimisation

Do you have a fully automated and optimised Print Fleet Management System?

When your print devices run low on ink, would it save time if your new ink cartridges were already there – sent automatically in advance? 

Would it save time if monthly printer meter readings were automated?

Would accurate usage reports that help you manage your printer fleet?

Fleet Monitoring Software can do all this. No more last minute calls to order toners. So say goodbye to filling out online meter billing forms. No more hunting around for inventory lists of printers and their locations. All available 24/7 online. All automated.


Print Fleet Management PrintFleet Management


Data is collected using high security protocols similar to online banking. (Note: the actual print jobs themselves are not collected, just data involving the number and also type of printing.)

The reports generated can be as simple or a sophisticated as you need providing data such as:

  • Detailed usage reporting
  • Inventory of print devices listed by location/function/device type/model
  • Usage trends
  • Device population and lifetime counters
  • Power saved by using the device’s energy saving modes
  • Paper saved by using duplex/combine print options
  • Detailed environmental reporting including trees saved and CO2 savings (from use of duplex/combine and energy saving modes)
  • Export to either Excel or CSV

Using these detailed reports you can:

  • Pick usage trends to proactively manage and also optimise your print assets
  • Support your companies environmental aims and green credentials
  • Audit and also spot check billing information from your Managed Print Service provider.

So why not see how print Fleet Management Software can help you.  Get in touch with Capital Document Solutions in Scotland today.