Guaranteed Printing

“Capital and Ricoh offered us a high quality set of products at an excellent price point.  Its integration with the eCopy platform was also a huge benefit. We’d already decided that eCopy was the best match for our input management requirements, so knowing that the two companies had established a partnership gave us confidence that we were making the right decision.”

Shepherd & Wedderburn

Guaranteed Printing

Do you have guaranteed printing?

Does printing remain a vital part of your business?

What would happen should your print assets fail?

Do you think of printing as a service?… Rather than a box that spits out paper.

Guaranteed Printing

What is guaranteed printing?

Guaranteed printing means: reliability

Being able to rely on your printing services is essential to any modern business.

You can choose to manage all facets of your printing service yourself. Or you can rely on a specialist provider who has the knowledge and resources to ensure your printing assets remain up and running.

Guaranteed printing means: comprehensive support

All print devices need servicing and care. The more complex the device, the more comprehensive the support that device needs. With modern multifunctional devices (MFDs) having so many capabilities it can be difficult for you to understand, let alone support all the functions and capabilities of your devices. Let a specialist support you.

Guaranteed printing means: timely local response

To respond to urgent issues you need boots on the ground. For this you need a supplier with the scale and local presence to efficiently support you in timely manner. You don’t just need somebody nearby, you need the right person nearby. When your print infrastructure is broken, you need it sorted… Now.

Our guarantee

We are Scotland’s largest document solution provider, with over 150 staff and service and support specialists covering all of Scotland, from offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. We’re here to help you keep your print assets running smoothly. No one else in Scotland can support you better.

Capital can guarantee your devices remain operational, supported by a mutually agreed Service Level Agreement.

Our performance will be closely monitored, reported and compared to our agreed Service Level Agreement, so that you are assured of getting the most from your print assets.

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