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Mobile Printing

Mobile printing from your smartphone, laptop or tablet

Have you ever had a visiting customer want to use mobile printing?

Perhaps your staff visit other branches or auditors set up in your office every year for a week or three?

You may feel comfortable asking the guest to email the job to you to print out, but there are times this is not appropriate, efficient or professional.

Mobile printing supports printing from virtually any device – smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop – even when guests aren’t set up on your network. So it gives you the flexibility to support guest printing to any enabled printer or MFD.

mobile printing

How does it work?

There are a range of software solutions for mobile printing that all work in different ways.


Mobile printing via app

There are apps that you load onto your mobile device to enable mobile printing. These apps are often specific to a printer manufactures. Examples include Smart Device Print for use on Ricoh devices, PageScope Mobile for Konica Minolta and HP ePrint. There are also solutions tied to your mobile device such as Apple Airprint and Android equivalents. Usually, in these scenarios the guest mobile device is connecting directly to the printer/MFD although some apps can be routed via Print Management Software. This enables comprehensive monitoring of guest print traffic. Some solutions use QR codes (that display on the MFD screen) and NFC to make identifying the guest print device even easier.

Mobile printing via email

A range of Print Management Software packages enable an email address to be assigned to a particular printer/MFD. When the guest sends an email to this email address the print job is completed. It can be configured to print just the attachments of the email OR the body of the email OR both. It can also be configured to either print immediately OR automatically email the guest a PIN code (for security) for the guest to input into the printer/MFD to collect their print job. The guest printing can also be integrated and measured by Print Management Software so you know to what extent the facility is being utilised.

Mobile printing via webpage

Print Management Software packages can also be configured with webpages. A guest can upload the document they wish to print. Alternatively, the guest can download (from the webpage) a customised driver to enable guest printing from their mobile device.

Whatever method, we have the expertise and also the local presence to help you get the most from your devices. Contact us to let us help you with you printing needs.