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Call us on the Meter Billing Team phone number 0131 550 9565 regarding any issues or questions you may have.

Meter Reading

Accurate Meter Readings for Precise Invoicing

Firstly, ease of use is a priority for our customers – including submitting your Meter Reading.

We offer software solutions that will automatically submit your Meter Readings.

Alternatively you can submit them manually via telephone or email or by using the simple form below.

meter reading

Our Meter Reading Billing Team can be reached on:

T:         0131 550 9565

Or instead you can send them an email requesting a customised Meter Readings form which will be emailed out:


Furthermore, we are currently working on providing an online portal to give clients the ability to submit their readings online.  This secure website section will allow clients to view their account, enter Meter Readings, view invoices and also order consumables.

In the meantime you can submit your readings by completing our form below and clicking ‘Submit’.

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