The problems with paper

The problems with paper
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Paper is an increasingly expensive overhead

Up to 35% of a knowledge worker’s time* can be spent searching for information or the right piece of paper.


We are all bombarded with an ever increasing mountain of emails and also other documentation. However, many of us still like to work on hard copy documents, in preference to ‘off the screen’.

Paper is a major compliance obstacle.

While the percentage of information we now commit to paper may be reducing, the paper consumption in offices throughout the UK is still on the increase due to this information explosion.

The ‘less paper’ office is achievable aim

The quest for the paperless or ‘less paper’ office is moving closer but is still some years off.

The increased levels of information being distributed within and also outwith businesses and organisations made the paperless office a pipe-dream for the vast majority of companies.

Tom Flockhart, Managing Director of Capital Document Solutions said:

“We often hear about the advent of the ‘paperless office’. While progress towards this goal is slow, it is nevertheless happening.”  

Mark Harvie, Corporate Sales Director said:

“The office environment is changing considerably in the way we all work. We are more mobile and the use of iPads and tablets is hitting the office like a tsunami. These innovative tools reduce the need to produce hard copy. However, the need to print documents from these devices occasionally will still be required and we at Capital have a number of solutions that can assist in the production of print from mobile devices / tablets.”  

Want to know how to manage your document mountain?

We can help you control your costs in a variety of ways.

So, why not contact us to find out more about:

Paper issues? Improve the efficiency of your organisation with Capital's Laserfiche

Sources: *Iron Mountain Inc. Digitise Your Documents To Streamline Your Business.
Finally, thanks to Robbie Trower, Channel Development Manager, PFU Fujitsu.


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