What is a Managed Print Service?

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Mark Harvie - Area Sales DirectorThere’s a lot of buzz in the business community just now about Managed Print Service and to be honest, quite a lot of hype too.  But what is a Managed Print Service?  Look on industry websites and you’ll probably come away with many  different descriptions.

I’ll keep it simple – a Managed Print Service can help you gain control of your copy/print/scan fleet, reduce the total cost of running it and also give you peace of mind that one supplier will look after all your document needs.  You don’t need to deal with different suppliers for equipment, service, consumables and support, now all you need is one supplier and one invoice each quarter.

And the stats for those who do implement a Managed Print Service are impressive – some of the clients I deal with have made six figure savings every year – no wonder it’s creating such a buzz!

It’s because MPS can save companies so much money that I predict it will be a service that will be around for some time to come.

Did you know that you could be spending up to 3% of your revenues on copying and printing*?  –Copying and printing documents is still a vital part of the way business communicates – however until recently, these processes have been complex and unmanaged, often resulting in a sharp increase in copy/print costs.  Independent research analysts Gartner refers to this part of the business as  ‘the last great area of uncontrolled costs’.

I thought Ricoh‘s short video on MPS was good at cutting through the jargon… what do you think?

Mark Harvie



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